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 After many years of successful flying,
Missile Works has gone to the NEXT LEVEL!!


RRC2 Mini

Minimum Size, MAXIMUM Features, Unbeatable Price

RRC2 Mini.jpg

Physical and Operational Features

- Small "Mini" footprint (just 1" wide x 3.15" long)... 29mm capable

- Virtually all SMD construction with silicon resin conformal coating to prevent corrosive BP residue damage

- Sea Level to 40,000 MSL Operational capability

- Individually chamber calibrated using our new "Heise"
absolute pressure standard (0.001 PSI resolution)

- Full HIL (Hardware In the Loop) calibration to null out operational tolerances

- Dedicated "large screw" compression terminals with dedicated power switch connections

- Easy "2 hole" mounting with 4-40 hardware

Functional Features

-Interactive menu programming and operation via pushbuttons and LED's... NO DIP SWITCHES

- All User setpoints are stored in non-volatile EEPROM

- 2 complete setpoint "profiles" are available by the flip of a switch for programming or flight ops

- All flight data is stored in non-volatile EEPROM for post-flight recall, even across power cycles

- Complete on-board diagnostic capability

User Setpoints

- Main AGL - adjustable from 300' to 3000' AGL in 100' increments

- Mach Inhibit - adjustable from 0 to 31 seconds in 1 second increments

- Drogue Delay - adjustable from 0 to 15 seconds in 1 second increments

- Main Delay - adjustable from 0 to 15 seconds in 1 second increments

- Deployment Mode - adjustable for Standard Dual Deploy / Apogee Only / Main Only

- Operations Mode - Enable/Disable Low-Freq chirping, Power-Up battery/setpoint chirp, and LV lockout

- 2 complete "profiles" of setpoints are available... setup each profile for different flight regime

Post Flight "Log" Data

-Peak AGL elevation (feet)

-Peak Velocity (feet per second)

-Time to Apogee (in seconds)

-Launch counter (cumulative total flight count)

Diagnostic Features

-Battery voltage on demand (volts and 1/10th volts)

-Current MSL elevation (in feet)

-Continuity Input Test mode

-MosFET Output Test mode

only $90.00


Missile Works has discontinued the manufacture of the RRC2, the RRC2X and the PET2 Timer.

In keeping with our ongoing effort to service our clientele, Coast Rocketry will continue to post these download links for the user manuals.

RRC2 (Rev. C) User Manual in Adobe PDF format  

RRC2X (Rev. C) User Manual in Adobe PDF format 

PET2 Timer User Manual in Adobe PDF format 


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